Friday, March 20, 2015

Pet hates - in the show ring

Some show-related issues that I hate:

1. Judges not meeting your eye, and acknowledging you, when you enter the ring or approach the table.

2. Judges that only are in it to find fault, and who never seem to find any virtue at all in the dog you´re presenting.

3. Judges who suddenly change their minds about which way the head should point, on the table, just when it´s your turn, and just after you´ve stacked your dog. (Even though up to 50 dogs have been stacked ”your way” throughout the day). 

4. Being given critique while stacked on the table, and not on the ground/floor.

5. Being expected to shut up when (so-called) expert judges stare you in the eye (simultaneously as they are relaying their critique to the writer, dog on table) and tell you about all your dog´s faults and failings – especially when said failings are some of your dog´s greatest assets!

6. Being judged by judges who, with every fibre of their being (except their mouths), are telling you that they´d rather be anywhere else than in a show ring. 

7. Judges treating you as if you had entered a race - not a dog show.

8. Being told by (several) trustworthy steward-friends about how many judges these days frequently brag amongst themselves about how quickly they judged their allotted breeds/classes post show.

9. Judges literally winking at their exhibitor-friends, the exact same friends showing the dog they just put up - right in front of the competition´s eyes.

These are all issues I, quite frequently, have experienced in the past few years of showing Scotties in Scandinavia.

My message, obviously, is quite clear: 
• If you don´t like judging – please stay at home
• If you´re unfamiliar with, or not up to scratch on, the breed you´ve been asked to judge –  please do not accept appointments to judge said breed 

PS: A huge thank-you to all judges who behave in the exact opposite manner!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Dorothy Gabriel on the Scottish Terrier

THE CHARACTER of the Scottish Terrier is wonderful. He is essentially a one man´s dog, loving his home and his owner… he is always ready for a long ramble or a day´s ratting… He is self-centred, deep natured with a soul both for laughter and tragedy. As a sportsman he is unsurpassed… Anything that means ”fur” he will kill, from badger to the lowly house mouse, and woe betide the marauding cat that crosses his path, but his own cat is sacred… There is nothing frothy or shallow in the nature of a Scottie… He is absolutely honourable, incapable of mean or petty action, large hearted and loving, with the soul and mind of an honest gentleman.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Three Scotties on the Top 10-list in Norway and Sweden in 2014


ALL MY SCOTTIES were shown sparingly (to use that overused old cliché) in 2014. Mostly due to the fact that a teacher´s salary never seems to stretch far enough, and also because my C-litter arrived at the start of the summer show season last year.

In spite of this, I have three dogs on last year´s Top-10 list in Norway:
#4. Sir Darnley´s Undercover Urchin (BIS-winner at the Swedish Club Show under Peter Healey in September), bred by Maren Bichel-Schnock, Germany.
#5. Tatler Turnberry, my homebred girl from my B-litter, and Hamish´ daughter. (Both these dogs were only shown four times last year).

#9. Tatler Tickled Pink, my homebred girl from my A-litter, and the dam of my C-litter. (Agnes was only shown three times in Norway in 2014).   

In Sweden I have one dog on the Top-10 list after last year´s shows:
#9. Sir Darnley´s Undercover Urchin, only shown once, but he gained no less than 40 points at this singular show. 

Needless to say, I think have every reason to be happy and content with my kennel´s results - especially considering that I had my very first litter less than four years ago, in September of 2011!

Now I´m just looking forward to getting my fresh, and quite promising, C-litter offspring (Sir Darnley´s Windsor Wizard ex. Tatler Tickled Pink) out in the ring in 2015!

However, I must admit to sometimes finding showing dogs quite challenging - intellectually. I will have to elaborate another time. Please stay posted!

Photo: Receiving Hamish´ rosette at the awarding of the top four Scotties in Norway, Saturday 28. Febuary. Photographer: Cille Jansholt.